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Joe Norwood opened the Norwood Law Firm in 2004 with a law degree from the University of Tulsa. Since then he has built a career as a highly experienced trial lawyer.

Joseph Norwood is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based trial and litigation lawyer specializing in results. Mr. Norwood has 20 years of experience practicing business law, personal injury, family, civil rights and criminal defense. Due to the numerous highly impactful and high-profile cases Joe has successfully litigated he has earned a reputation as a lawyer to go to when results are what matter the most. He has secured multiple appellate victories for his clients and jury tried and bench tried criminal and civil cases in local, state and federal courts in Oklahoma.

Among his most noted victories are: proving the innocence of a client who was wrongfully convicted of murder and imprisoned for 28 years; persuading the Oklahoma Supreme Court to unanimously find a personal injury damages statue unconstitutional that deprived Mr. Norwood’s automobile negligence victim client of the ability to recover for pain and suffering in court, thereby dramatically changing policy in Oklahoma in favor of injury victims, and; obtaining a favorable published opinion for his business client in a negotiable instrument wrongful dishonor case from the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals declaring that the Oklahoma Constitution protects Oklahomans from waiving their right to jury trials through contract.

These are just a few of the many successful results Joe has obtained for his clients. Mr. Norwood brings this level of success to his clients in business law, personal injury, family, civil rights and criminal defense matters.

Todd Maxwell has spent the majority of his career working with business clients, including a decade as the in-house counsel for the largest construction company in Oklahoma. He embraces the role of legal counselor by helping people avoid legal risk and litigation.

Todd specializes in contracts and other transactional issues with an emphasis on construction matters, Native American contracting, and employment issues. He also helps clients with estate planning and mediating disputes.

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