Tulsa Expungement Attorney

Expungement in Oklahoma is a legal mechanism by which a person that has had a criminal case filed against them can have that case removed from public records. The records are not actually destroyed but are placed in a facility where access is strictly prohibited to only the person who the records regard or the government in very limited circumstances to be determined by a judge. You can have felony records, DUIs, and other criminal records expunged by a skilled expungement attorney.

How is a Case Expunged?

In the State of Oklahoma a person can have a criminal case that was filed against them expunged out of public records for any number of reasons. If a person is found not guilty, if the case is dismissed for lack of merit, if the governor grants a pardon, (which is very rare) or if the person successfully completes a deferred sentence then the case can usually be expunged from the public record.

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