Tulsa Product Liability Attorney

Some of the most common product liability cases come from defective children’s toys, dangerous drugs being used in pharmaceuticals, defective or improperly installed medical devices, faulty electronics, hazardous materials and harmful chemicals.

Injuries caused by a defective product can range from minor to severe, including broken bones, illness, and amputations. These injuries may require extensive and even lifelong medical care. The manufacturer and/or distributor of the product or products that caused your injuries must be held responsible for the product and liable for the costs of your medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Product Liability Cases

Joe Norwood has helped many clients receive compensation for injuries caused by faulty or unsafe products. Inexperience can be very costly in this type of case. There are some dangerous pitfalls inherent to a products liability case. Product liability cases may include defective or poorly designed machinery, tools, motor vehicle defects, recreational products, faulty drugs that cause dangerous side effects, and other defective products.

Products that are used in the workplace can also be defective, causing devastating injuries and even death. Faulty machinery and/or construction equipment may be the cause of the accident. These pieces of equipment must be examined and included as evidence in your products liability case.

Joe offers a free initial consultation so you can discuss the possibilities for your case personally without cost or obligation. During this time, Joe can assess your case and provide you with a realistic view of the potential outcomes.