Tulsa Immigrant Criminal Defense Attorney

For an immigrant, a felony or misdemeanor conviction could result in consequences including deportation or an inability to obtain U.S. citizenship in the future. Even if you are innocent, it is important to contact a skilled attorney who understands the immigration issues stemming from felony and misdemeanor charges in Oklahoma district courts.

Joe has significant experience working in defense of legal and illegal immigrants facing issues such as deportation, revoked visas, and denied citizenship due to criminal charges. He has interpreters available for non-English speakers.

If you are convicted of a crime and sentenced to jail time the INS will typically begin deportation proceedings regardless how long you have been in the United States or your family ties. Therefore in many criminal cases, especially those involving drugs, assault or battery, and murder, a plea bargain may not be in your best interest. If you are deported due to a criminal conviction you may be barred from ever returning to the United States. Even some misdemeanor convictions can result in deportation or removal proceedings.

If you are an immigrant facing a misdemeanor or felony charge that could result in deportation, it is important to discuss your legal options with a criminal defense attorney who understands how immigration status relates to criminal proceedings. Joe is committed to taking the time to handle my clients’ criminal defense while considering the consequences any result may have on the immigration status. Call for a free consultation.