Tulsa Assault & Battery Attorney

Physical assault is the most common violent crime in the United States, with almost 5 million occurrences annually. When most people think about felonious assault and battery they consider them as one and the same. However an assault can occur without any physical contact whereas battery requires physical contact. Due to the nature of these offenses many people face assault or battery charges over minor incidents.

Experienced in Handling Assault and Battery Cases

Having an experienced attorney who understands Oklahoma’s assault and battery law can be invaluable to a successful defense case. For example, often people facing battery charges in relation to domestic disputes will plead guilty to avoid a harsh sentence without taking into consideration the future consequences. A felony conviction can make finding a job more difficult. Also, in divorce cases a guilty plea for domestic battery can affect orders that regulate child custody and visitation.

Joe Norwood offers all his clients a free initial consultation to discuss their case and the issues surrounding their assault charges, including warrants and bail bond reductions. Joe then works with them to determine whether a plea agreement is appropriate for their situation or if a trial might be required. He is committed taking the time to handle his clients’ cases appropriately and minimizing the consequences of violent crime charges whenever possible.

Contact Joe if you, a friend, or a member of your family is facing assault and/or battery charges. He represents clients from throughout the Tulsa metropolitan area and northeast Oklahoma.