Tulsa Murder & Manslaughter Attorney

Murder and manslaughter defense does not happen as it does on television. There are no last minute pieces of evidence or secret witnesses coming out of the woodwork that prove someone is innocent or not guilty. In reality, very few homicide investigations are handled with the degree of care and forensic sophistication as seen on t.v. That is why it’s crucial for someone who is suspected of murder of manslaughter to seek a seasoned murder and manslaughter attorney as soon as possible.

Criminal Homicide Defense

As an experienced criminal defense attorney who has represented a number of clients charged with murder, I understand how to identify shortcuts taken by investigators, questionable interrogation techniques, and poorly handled evidence.

Whether a case involves vehicular homicide, voluntary manslaughter, or murder, the murder defense attorney handling the case matters. While it is important to have an attorney who has the skill and experience to handle a murder or manslaughter defense at trial, it is equally important for an attorney to have exceptional negotiating skills.

A majority of murder and manslaughter cases are resolved through plea agreements. Typically, only cases where people are innocent and the most serious murder cases, where the prosecuting attorney will not offer a reduced sentence for a plea, end up at trial.

The Role of Intent in Murder and Manslaughter Cases

Even if there is no question that your actions led to the death of another person, in order to be convicted for murder or a specific degree of manslaughter, the prosecution must prove what mental state you were in when the act occurred. This applies to vehicular manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter and murder.

When a blow was struck, a knife grabbed, or a car driven, did the person act with forethought, intention, and clear malice? Did the person feel threatened? Did prescription drugs, depression, or a well-founded but ultimately baseless fear color their thoughts? Here, I may be able to reduce the charges and sentence against you if I can successfully challenge the prosecution’s claims regarding the intent with which you acted.

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I regularly help clients locate reliable bail bondsmen and handle issues related to bail bond reductions. My objective is to help my clients maintain their freedom. Being charged with murder or manslaughter creates stress not only on the individual charged, but also their family. I work closely with my clients helping them understand the charges, possible penalties, and what to expect from each court hearing.

While I spend significant time explaining the issues involved in each case and possible outcomes, whether a case goes to trial or is resolved through a plea agreement is a decision I leave to my client. I am committed to taking the time to handle my clients’ cases appropriately and minimizing the consequences of murder charges.

I am available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Please contact me if you, a friend, or a member of your family needs an experienced murder attorney.