Tulsa Juvenile Defense Attorney

Juveniles who commit crimes in Oklahoma are treated differently than adults. Therefore, having a juvenile defender who understands the Oklahoma juvenile justice system is extremely important.

Oklahoma juvenile justice focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Nonetheless, it is important to have an attorney skilled at handling cases in juvenile criminal court. A disturbing trend in juvenile justice is to have cases transferred out of juvenile court (where sentences are less severe). In these cases where a district attorney plans to file a motion for certification, a skilled juvenile defense attorney can sometimes help keep a case in juvenile court.

Joe has significant experience working with families whose children have a history of juvenile delinquency. He understands juvenile proceedings and the possible remedies available to people under 18 years of age who are found guilty of a juvenile crime offense.

While Joe has significant experience helping families deal with issues in juvenile court, he also has experience handling drug defense, assault and battery, as well as murder and manslaughter cases involving juveniles certified as adults. Joe will take the time to work with the families of juvenile offenders to minimize the consequences of an offense and help assure that youth offenders do not become repeat offenders.