Tulsa Slip & Fall Attorney

Slip and fall cases are often complex. In order to have a case, the incident must have been caused (either directly or indirectly) by conditions on the property that were known to be dangerous by the owner.

Premises liability refers to a lawsuit against a property owner for injuries sustained on that person’s property. It includes such things as slipping on a substance on the floor that should have been cleaned up (slip-and-fall), tripping over an object in the walkway (trip-and-fall), dog bites or attacks by other dangerous animals, chemical exposure, inadequate security resulting in assault, construction accidents, oilfield accidents, and a range of other accidents.

Who Is Responsible?

Under premises liability laws, owners of retail a shopping center or other “public” properties have a higher liability than owners of private property. Therefore, if one person is injured in a store due to the owner’s negligence of safety issues, and another person is injured in a similar fashion on private property, it is possible that the store owner could be held legally accountable for reparation to the injured party whereas the owner of the private property might not be.

Oklahoma premise liability laws are in place to insure that “a high duty of care” is provided to “invitees” of a property not to insure that everyone injured outside the home has legal means to seek compensation.

Slip and Falls

Specific factors must be proven in order to win a slip and fall settlement. Actual and constructive notice of the dangers involved must be shown. When meeting with Joe, you will discuss what actual and constructive notices mean and how the aspects of your case may support or negate the premises liability claim.

In addition to slip and fall premises liability matters, Joe Norwood represents clients that have been injured in a parking lot, parking ramp, or other location due to negligent security.