Tulsa Police Brutality Attorney

Police brutality is a civil rights violation. Police misconduct can take many forms, most common being police brutality. Police brutality is defined as an inappropriately excessive force which is typically physical in nature, although, it also includes verbal assaults and intimidation.

Police brutality occurs because police departments in Oklahoma are authorized to use force as a tool to serve and protect citizens. In doing so, there is a tendency to develop reliance on the use of force, especially when working with unlawful and violent individuals.

Police brutality is a federal civil rights violation. It is a serious crime perpetuated by trusted civil servants. If you believe that your trust has been broken due to police misconduct or physical, mental, or verbal abuse by a member of the Tulsa Police Department or any other person empowered with the responsibility of enforcing the law within The State of Oklahoma, you may have a civil rights case.

Other types of police misconduct include racial profiling, excessive force, abuse of a prisoner’s rights, false arrest, abuse of power, etc. Although misconduct may be difficult to prove, it will be easier having an attorney with experience fighting for your civil rights.