Child Support

It seems like paying child support would be a simple matter.  However, the process of assessing and enforcing child support can be messy and complicated.

The attorneys at Norwood Law Firm are experienced in handling child support matters ranging from the initial states of gathering income information and calculating child support amounts to the final stages of dealing with garnishments and DHS child support enforcement.  After an initial child support order is entered by the court, there may be a change in circumstances that entitle one or both parents to a modification of child support.

The Norwood Law Firm Approach to Child Support Cases in Oklahoma

At Norwood Law Firm, we keep you and your children’s best interests in mind through the entire child support process.

Our team has the expertise needed to find equitable compromises in mediation that protect your rights and represent your best interests. And we know that mediation can save you and your children the stress of a court hearing, and provide a more timely and cost-effective solution than a court judgement. If you and the other parent agree on most of the terms of child support, mediation will provide the quickest and most amiable resolution. 

However, we know that mediation doesn’t always work. If parents don’t agree on terms for support, strong litigation is required. When a court resolution is required, you can count on the Norwood Law Firm team to handle your case with strength and care. Our expert attorneys will stand by you through the court process to represent your parental rights and work to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support

At Norwood Law Firm in Tulsa, we know that when it comes to child support, parents have a lot of questions. Our team of experienced attorneys will work with you to answer any questions you have and keep the best interest of you and your children in mind throughout the entire process. Here are a few of the most common questions we get about child support cases. 

Who determines how much child support parents will be required to pay?

In Oklahoma, the parents are obligated to continue to support their children through child support if parents are divorced or live apart. Oklahoma has established specific guidelines which are used for child support calculation and determine how much parents will be required to pay in child support after a divorce or separation. The amount is calculated based on the parents’ gross incomes, and who covers which expenses for the child such as who provides healthcare or pays for daycare. 

Generally the noncustodial parent in sole custody cases, or the parent with fewer visits or overnights with the children will pay child support to the parent with more in order to even out the child support obligation. The amount of child support will vary depending on the parents’ finances, the number of children involved, and other factors. The amount can either be determined by a judge in child support litigation or it can be agreed upon by parents through child support mediation as long as the amount remains in the child’s best interest. 

What happens if a parent stops paying child support? 

Child support in Oklahoma is generally collected through income assignment. In other words, the child support amount is taken out and collected from the owing parent’s paycheck and forwarded to the receiving or obligee parent. 

If a parent quits a job in order to avoid paying child support, or they otherwise refuse to pay, they may face fines, court sanctions, and other consequences. If your co-parent has stopped paying child support, the expert attorneys at Norwood Law Firm can guide you through child support enforcement steps. 

Can I change the amount of child support I am currently paying? 

If there is a “material change in circumstances,” there may be grounds for a child support modification. If you are paying child support and your income decreases, you may petition a judge to decrease future payments. Or if your income significantly increases, a judge may increase your child support obligation. The same goes for the parent receiving child support. If the receiving parent’s income increases or decreases, they may be eligible for an increase or decrease in child support. If your income has changed, or there has been a change in your child’s needs, the lawyers at Norwood Law Firm can help you seek modifications to child support. 

The Tulsa Attorneys Who Care about You and Your Family

At Norwood Law Firm, our team of caring and thorough attorneys know the difficulties of child support cases in and out. Whatever your situation, personal and family needs, our experienced team will strongly represent you and your interests with personal care for your needs and circumstances. If you are going through a divorce, seeking custody of a child, or you are seeking modifications to child support agreements, Norwood Law Firm in Tulsa can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.