Tulsa Marijuana Possession Attorney 

The majority of drug charges in Oklahoma are related to possession of marijuana.  Charges of possession of marijuana are a serious matter and can carry hefty penalties, if you are convicted. Penalties can range from fines up to $500,000 and possible life in prison.

If you are a first time offender, marijuana laws in Oklahoma will charge you with a misdemeanor. However, if you have a criminal record or have committed a greater marijuana crime, such as possession with intent to distribute, you will be facing at minimum a class C felony in the Oklahoma court system.

If you are being charged with possession of marijuana in Oklahoma or a related drug offense, it’s important for you to find a reputable attorney that knows Oklahoma marijuana laws in addition to common mistakes made by authorities that may lead to dismissal of the possession charges.

A common defense to marijuana possession charges is the process authorities used to seize the drugs. To be convicted of a drug possession, a court prosecutor not only needs to prove that you were in physical possession of the marijuana, but also that you were aware that the drugs were in your possession. Additionally, police officers often conduct regular search and seizures without following the rules and in the process violate your Fourth Amendment rights. Proving this could cause much of the evidence collected in the illegal search and seizure to be thrown out of court and not used against you.

If you are being charged with violating Oklahoma marijuana laws, call Joe Norwood for a free consultation.