Tulsa Insurance Attorney

If you have been treated unfairly by your insurance company, you are usually in a weak bargaining position and may find yourself in contracts with unfair or unclear provisions. Joe Norwood frequently works on cases like this and has extensive experience not only handling, but solving complex insurance coverage, indemnity, and bad faith issues.

If an insurance company has unreasonably denied a claim, you probably have legal recourse against the company. However, you may not get any recovery without the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced insurance attorney.

Going up Against Insurance Companies

Insurance companies know you have very little choice regarding what a particular insurance policy covers. They know you have even less choice about how much you pay in premiums. They have vast resources, their own lawyers, and experienced claims adjusters who are trained to convince you to accept less than what your claim may actually be worth.

In many cases, claims adjusters may simply deny your claim or attempt to convince you that your claim is not covered, despite what your policy says. After all, insurance companies are simply corporations whose primary motivation is increasing profits, not helping you.

Oklahoma Laws Related to Insurance

Fortunately, Oklahoma law provides you protection from oppressive and coercive tactics used by insurance companies. First, the law allows you to bring a cause of action against an insurance company for breach of contract. For example, if your policy provides for a certain type of coverage and the insurance company refuses to allow your claim to be covered, you may sue the insurance company for breach of contract.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, Oklahoma law recognizes that the insurance company owes you a duty above and beyond simple contract rights. This duty is referred to as the duty of good faith and applies to all insurance companies. Because the insurance company is bigger, more powerful, has more money and resources than you, and is motivated by profit, Oklahoma law requires the company to deal with you fairly and in good faith when handling your claim.

Let Joe work with you to help clarify your insurance policy and handle any disputes that may arise. He is focused on representing clients across the Tulsa metropolitan area and throughout northeast Oklahoma.