Tulsa Sex Crimes Attorney

Being charged with rape is a serious accusation that can destroy your personal and professional life.  In Oklahoma there are two common rape charges, first and second degree with first degree rape being the most common. These are considered first degree rape in Oklahoma:

  • If the victim was threatened with violence or acted upon with violence
  • When an adult has sex with someone younger than 14 years of age
  • If someone is unable to give consent because of an impaired mental state
  • If the sex occurred while the victim was asleep and the accused was aware the victim was asleep
  • If someone is unable to give reasonable consent because they are inebriated from alcohol or drugs provided by the accused
  • When a victim is raped with an item and they are injured
  • If the victim is younger than 14 and raped with an item

Although not as serious as first degree rape, a second degree rape charge can still ruin your future. Without regard to the type of rape, rape is a felony in Oklahoma.

The penalties for rape are severe. First degree rape is a minimum of five years in prison and potential life imprisonment or execution. The penalty for second degree rape is a maximum of 15 years, and a minimum of one year. If you are facing a rape charge, call Joe Norwood to discuss your rights.