Automobile Accident / Car Wreck Wins for Norwood Law Firm Clients

February 2012 – Automobile Accident / Car Wreck settlement for $25,000

J.S. was sideswiped by a semi-truck while driving on U.S. 244 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After J.S. treated at a chiropractor for two months for back and neck strain / sprains I negotiated a $25,000 semi-truck accident settlement that put $11,000 in J.S.’s pocket after all fees and medical bills were paid.

August 2012 – Automobile Accident / Car Wreck settlement for $50,000

A.P and B.P., two and three years old, were riding unrestrained in the back of their fathers SUV / automobile when the car hydroplaned and sent them tumbling around in the back of the truck. B.P. sustained three fractured discs in his back. At the conclusion of negotiations the insurance company agreed to settle both car crash cases for a total of personal injury settlement of $50,000. Now I am moving to have the UM (uninsured / underinsured motorist) which covered the children pay up for this car wreck as well.