Not Guilty – DUI

Tulsa County District Court / Not Guilty – DUI

D.H. was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI ). Since D.H. is a business professional that depends on his driving license and auto insurance as tools for his profession he could not afford to take a conviction or even be put on probation for DUI.

D.H. trusted Joe Norwood to handle this important matter for him and it paid off. At a jury trial, the Broken Arrow police officer who arrested D.H. was forced to admit to dozens of errors that were uncovered by the defendant’s attorney while cross examining the police officer.

Even though the officer was a certified instructor in the standard field sobriety tests, Joe was able to discredit the pull over and the administration of the test. At the jury trial D.H. was found not guilty. D.H. kept his driving license, his auto insurance was not affected and he was able to keep his job.