Guide to Criminal Defense in Tulsa: Debunking Myths and Protecting Your Rights

Criminal Defense

TV shows like The Good Wife, Perry Mason, and more have created a dramatic, intrigue-filled version of criminal defense lawyers and the job they do. But these shows depict events that are far from real and distort the job criminal defense lawyers really do. So what does a criminal defense attorney actually do, then? And when should you hire one?  

Criminal defense is the area of law that focuses on providing legal protections and defense to anyone who has been accused of or charged with committing a crime. It includes defense for a range of crimes, from misdemeanors to felonies, from marijuana possession to DUIs, white-collar crimes, manslaughter, murder, and more. 

Whatever the crime, everyone has the constitutional right to representation in a criminal proceeding. And with complex laws and procedures governing criminal cases and court proceedings, the criminal justice system is not designed for you to represent yourself successfully. If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime, you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side. They will provide the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and help secure your future. From negotiating bail to counseling about plea bargains and representing you in court, an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide the counsel you need. 

3 Common Criminal Defense Myths

Everyone accused of a crime can benefit from hiring a criminal defense attorney, but because of dramatic TV shows and other media, misconceptions about criminal defense abound. Let’s talk about three common misconceptions of criminal defense law. 

  • Only the wealthy can afford a good lawyer. The cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney will vary depending on the firm and the complexity of your case, and the most expensive lawyer may not be the best or even the most experienced. When looking for a defense attorney in Oklahoma, look for an experienced lawyer who will talk you through the expected costs and provide a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your case and options. 
  • Criminal cases resolve quickly. Television and movies often show criminal cases taking a few days, weeks, or a couple of months at most to resolve. But the truth is many cases won’t be resolved as quickly as they are in movies. Depending on the severity of the crime, the details of the case, and other factors, a criminal case may take anywhere from a month to a year or even more to resolve. 
  • Going to trial is the best option for every case. It’s estimated that about 90% of criminal cases never go to trial. Avoiding trial helps the defendant save on court costs and attorneys fees which can add up quickly. A plea deal or settlement can also help the defendant avoid the often harrowing trial experience, minimize sentencing, and even reduce charges. In some cases, however, a trial will be the best option for your case. The criminal defense team at Norwood Law Firm will counsel you and work with you to determine which course will benefit you and your future most. 

Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for You

If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime, choosing the right attorney for your case can make all the difference. So what should you look for in a criminal defense attorney and how can you find the best one for you? When looking for a criminal defense lawyer, look for someone who:

  • Has experience representing defendants whose charges were for the same or similar offenses to yours. Criminal law encompasses many different types of offenses; a lawyer who specializes in one area, such as theft, may not have a lot of experience in another like child abuse. 
  • Is local. A lawyer who is familiar with the specific laws, procedures, and personnel in the court where your case will be heard will be better equipped to effectively represent you. A local Tulsa and Oklahoma attorney like the team at Norwood Law Firm may know better what to expect from the local state attorneys and how charges will be pursued.
  • You feel comfortable around and can trust. The outcome of a criminal case can have a major effect on your life and future; you need an attorney who cares about you as a person and works with you to achieve the best outcome possible. You should feel comfortable talking to your attorney and expect them to explain any elements of the case in a way you can understand.  

Tulsa’s Top Criminal Defense Attorneys: Norwood Law Firm

At Norwood Law Firm in Tulsa, you will find everything you need in a criminal defense attorney. Our team of expert attorneys has years of experience in criminal defense working with a variety of cases including white-collar crimes, DUIs, drug charges, assault and battery, immigrant criminal defense, juvenile defense, sexual assault, murder, and manslaughter.

We have practiced in federal, state, and municipal courts and successfully represented clients in Tulsa County, Rogers County, Osage County, and across northeastern Oklahoma. Above all, Norwood Law Firm is known for care. Our mission is to protect people accused of crimes from overzealous prosecution and provide the zealous representation you need to secure your future. 

Don’t wait. Call Norwood Law Firm and speak with the best criminal defense attorneys in Tulsa today for a free consultation.