[In The News] US Supreme Court case of McGirt v. Oklahoma

SCOTUS Ruling on McGirt V. Oklahoma document

In the recent United States Supreme Court cases of McGirt v. Oklahoma and Murphy v. Royal

the Supreme Court ruled that Indian tribe members who are charged or committed crimes in the Creek tribe territory or reservation cannot be prosecuted by the Oklahoma state government, the Indian tribe member can only be prosecuted in federal or tribal courts.

The implications may be that other tribes such as Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole, have the same effect.  Besides these tribes, there are dozens of other tribes that may be affected.

Charged or convicted of a crime?

If you are charged or convicted of a crime and are recognized as an Indian by a tribe or the federal government, you may have a defense to a state court criminal case or a cause for a post-conviction or habeas corpus action.

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