Youthful Offender / Juvenile Burglary Victory in Tulsa

R.E. was 16 year old when he was charged as an adult with first degree burglary in Tulsa County District Court. He and his family retained me as his counsel.

I went to work trying to have R.E. certified as a juvenile instead of an adult. If R.E. were certified as a juvenile his case would be in juvenile court instead of in district court where adults have their cases heard. Juvenile court offers the benefits of non-public records and more access to resources for rehabilitation instead of the punishment focus that district court, or adult court, has.

I employed the services of a psychiatrist to evaluate R.E.’s potential for success in the juvenile system and filed several motions for R.E.’s benefit. After the Court held several hearings it decided that R.E.’s case should be in the juvenile system, dismissed the case in district court and the records of the district court proceeding will be expunged.