Product Liability Case Against Abbott Labs for Humira

I am currently working a Humira side effects product liability lawsuit against Abbott Laboratories.  It has been shown that Humira causes lymphoma cancers, particularly rare lymphoma cancers like hepatosplenic t-cell lymphoma cancer.  Humira is a tumor necrosis factor, TNF, blocker.  The Federal Drug Administration has recently ordered Abbott Laboratories to place a warning on Humira packaging warning consumers on the risks associated with taking Humira.

In addition to hepatosplenic t-cell lymphoma cancer it has been shown that Humira causes infections like histoplasmosis.  That Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has also ordered warnings to Abbott Laboratories on these infections.  The consumers most likely to be exposed to infection are in the Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys.  Additionally, consumers that have been prescribed methotrexate, an immune-suppressant drug, are at increased risk. To join this class action product liability lawsuit please contact me ASAP.

Concerns have also surfaced that Humira may cause nerve damage. Humira is generally prescribed for arthritis and less often for psoriasis.