We are undeterred. Corey Atchison’s family & friends gathered outside the courtroom today with hopeful anticipation. Unfortunately, Judge Sharon Holmes announced a delay in ruling today on the Corey Atchison case. Our new hearing date is July 16, 2019.

“As many of you know, I have been absent from the courthouse for about two months,” Holmes told Atchison, his attorneys, prosecutors and family members present for Tuesday’s hearing. “I’m still in the process of trying to catch up on my work and I wasn’t able to finish Mr. Atchison’s findings and conclusions the way I wanted to. I just want to profusely apologize to you for having this delay, I’m not trying to slow-play you, Mr. Atchison, I’m really not. I do things a certain way and when I do them I want them done the right way. That’s just how I roll.” – Judge Sharon Holmes

“Corey is understandably very disappointed that there was no decision today. But he keeps an optimistic attitude because he understands how the legal process works. His positivity is remarkable considering he’s been living with this nightmare for over 28 years.” – Joe Norwood