Why Personal Injury Attorneys Are Important to Our Society and Economy

Whether it’s a car accident, bank misconduct or a terrorist attack, plaintiffs, or personal injury attorneys, are good for society and the economy.

Simply put, an Oklahoman’s and American’s ability to redress a wrong committed on them in the courts of our state and country is the best way to remedy a wrong and to regulate people’s conduct. Whether it is a car wreck, a constitutional or civil rights violation or a securities violation, the civil justice system fixes the damage done by the misconduct of another and it poses a legitimate consequence for those operating in the market or society to not engage in malicious or negligent conduct.

If a governmental entity violates your constitutional rights then a plaintiff’s, or personal injury, lawyer will help make the governmental entity reimburse the wronged individual. Generally this is through a payment of money or injunctive relief. Injunctive relief is when a court orders a governmental entity to stop some type of conduct or orders the government to do something.

In the realm of owning and trading stocks in a stock market the prospective buyer or owner of a stock, or security, may bring a suit against the company that they own if the management is not forth-right with the happenings of the company. The name of a lawsuit like this is a fraud-on-the-market suit. The threat of fraud-on-the-market lawsuits keeps business managers honest. These suits provide a strong deterrent that bolsters the integrity of the stock market and enhances the markets appeal to those looking to participate in the market. A plaintiffs or personal injury attorney will do this for you.

If a person is a victim of a car wreck then they can hire a personal injury attorney to recover for any medical bills, pain and suffering and other type of loss that may occur from the car accident. If the conduct of the person driving the automobile is egregious then punitive damages may be recovered. By recovering for any lost medical bills, lost wages and other monies lost and pain and suffering an attorney is helping to bringing a person who has been unable to conduct themselves in society in their normal way back to where they were before, or as close as possible. If the perpetrator of the accident’s conduct was bad enough then the injured person can recover for punitive damages. Punitive damages stand as a deterrent to people that may otherwise engage in harmful conduct.

A person who has been the victim of terrorism may sue anyone that engaged in that terrorism or that aided and abetted the terrorism. A bank called the Arab Bank is about to stand trial as a defendant where several victims of terrorism sued the bank. The attorneys for the terror victims filed the lawsuit about ten years ago. The case is finally making its way to trial. The lawyers and their clients are alleging that Arab Bank helped finance acts of terror through various types of financial transactions and payments to terrorist and their families. Because of America’s position as the economic leader of the world, almost any bank will end up doing business in our country. This is how the attorneys for the victims of the terror attacks were able to convince a judge to have the Bank stand trial in the United States.

There is a lot of propaganda put out into our society about the ills and burdens that attorneys place on society. The reality is that attorneys allow citizens to remedy wrongs that have been inflicted on them and stand as a deterrent to those that may cause future intentional and negligent wrongs thereby ensuring a society and economy that the citizens trust.